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What we do 

TailoredGood was born at the crossroads of design, craftsmanship, social good & environmental sustainability.

We select materials that are natural and/or recycled, and produced with the least possible use of chemicals. Our supply chain is organized to minimize shipping distances and we are committed to the never-ending process of further reducing our environmental impact. 

We exist to contribute in meaningful ways to communities around the world by increasing access to opportunity.

TailoredGood is founded on the fundamental belief that social and environmental sustainability need to be standard operating procedure without compromising on quality or design.

How we do it


Great designs are timeless. In nature nothing captures this quite like the human form: efficient, dynamic, elegant, durable and adaptable.

Part of the splendor of the human form is in its idiosyncrasies and we celebrate this in every garment we create. 

A TailoredGood garment is unique and made exclusively for each client. Simply offering customization options is not enough. We invite you into the design process and support you to craft a beautiful and functional garment that represents your own individual style.  

Please contact us to reserve a consultation.