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What does handmade mean to you?


What about bespoke? What does that mean?

These terms are used quite casually by companies trying to sell products - as a result - they have become amorphous and are increasingly hollow.

In an attempt to add some clarity and definition, here is what we (TailoredGood) mean when we say:   

hand•made Literally made by hand. All TailoredGood products (including items such as garment bags) are made by hand in California. Our garments are crafted using the traditional methods of English master tailors, remaining faithful to their uncompromising standards of quality. 

be•spoke  Custom-made (different to customized or made-to-measure) products. Customized and made-to-measure garments have a pre determined design and/or template to which the customers measurements and style options are applied. At TailoredGood the design of your garment only begins once we know who you are. You are part of the design process and the finished product is as unique as - you guessed it - you.

What do you understand by these terms? What other words do you need clarification on?